Semarang – in celebration of UNDIP 61st Dies Natalis, Rebana Students Club of Diponegoro University held “National Rebana Festival of 2018” Saturday (20/10) in Prof. Soedharto building located in Undip Tembalang, Semarang. This Rebana festival was aimed for high school students of Indonesia. In said event, Dean of Undip Prof. Yos Johan Utama and his accomplices, Ustadzah Agusti Dwi Ningtyas as the judge, and the 20 rebana festival participants from Indonesia.

Dean of Undip have said in his opening speech that Undip could be the shield of Pancasila by protecting the 4 pillars of the nation which had been defended by the founding fathers. In accordance to President’s mandate which had been read during Pancasila birth ceremony on June 1 as a speech of gratitude while strengthen the sense of unity and diversity and also cultivating a sense of care, unity, and full of achievement.

The Dean of Undip also expressed his gratitude towards the event being held in which the feeling of love and gratitude towards Allah SWT would always be cultivated, and also ever acknowledging the Prophet Muhammad SAW as every beat of the will calm the hearts and giving peaceful sensations.

The head of 61th Undip Dies Natalies Dr. Redyanto Noor, M. Hum in have stated in his report that the rebana festival is the first ever being held at national level

Furthermore, Redyanto stated that said rebana festival should be a tradition in celebrating Undip Dies Natalies in hopes in the increase of participants.

Redyanto also added that for the final round, 19 rebana groups have been selected which would later be shortened to just 10 groups at the end of the festival session.