Academic Staff


Industrial Engineering of Undip have a total of 25 permanent lecturer. Here are the list of the academic resources of the permanent lecturer (click on the lecturer name for more information about the lecturer):

No Lecturer
1 Dr. rer. Oec Arfan Bakhtiar, ST, MT
2 Dr. Aries Susanty, ST, MT
3 Dr. Ir. Bambang Purwanggono, M.Eng
4 Dr. Naniek Utami Handayani, S.Si, MT
5 Dr. –Ing. Novie Susanto, ST, M.Eng
6 Dr. Ratna Purwaningsih, ST, MT
7 Ary Arvianto, ST, MT
8 Darminto Pujotomo, ST, MT
9 Dr. Denny Nurkertamanda, ST, MT
10 Diana Puspita Sari, ST, MT
11 Dyah Ika Rinawati, ST, MT
12 Ir. Heru Prastawa, DEA
13 Dr. Hery Suliantoro, ST, MT
14 Nia Budi Puspitasari, ST, MT
15 Dr. Purnawan Adi Wicaksono, ST, MT
16 Rani Rumita, ST, MT
17 Dr. Singgih Saptadi, ST, MT
18 Sri Hartini, ST, MT
19 Sriyanto,ST , MT
20 Susatyo Nugroho Widyo Pramono, ST, MT
21 Wiwik Budiawan, ST, MT
22 Yusuf Widharto, ST, M.Eng



Besides lecturers, there are also other academic staff resources which can be seen as follows:

No Employee
1  Agus Wiyanto
2 Akhmad Bukhori
3  Nuh Haryadi
4  Paijan
5  Ratmin
6  Ratna Rissanti
7  Rr. Diah Hermiati
8  Suka Endri R.
9  Sunardi
10  Yuyun Abdiyah
11  Zam Zam Agus Lestari