Graduate Profile and Graduate Learning Achievement

Graduate Profile is a role that was done by a graduate in his field of expertise or a particular field of work after finishing their department. Correlated with the profile of Undip graduates known as COMPLETE, PSTI FT Undip added “system improver” at the end of the graduate profile, which made it to be called COMPLETES.

System Improver: Industrial Engineering bachelor capable to work in a team whether it as a member or the leader in first level of management, effectively uses the method in industrial engineering discipline in order to do a planning and some repairing process and the system in the organization to increase both productivity and quality of the organisation’s graduates.

System Implementator: An Industrial Engineering bachelor capable to work in a team whether it as a member or the leader in first level of management, excels in doing installation processes and the system that was built and fixed in an organization.

Thinker: Industrial Engineering bachelor as an individual that is capable of constantly developing knowledge and self skills.


While the Graduates Academic Achievement (CPL) of Industrial Engineering Department of Undip are as follows:

  1. Master the concept theory of natural science, application of engineering mathematics; engineering fundamentals, engineering science and engineering planning that is needed in order to do analysis and planning of integrated system.
  2. Capable of applying math, science, and engineering principles in order to solve problems of complex engineering in integrated system (including man, material, tools, energy, and information)
  3. Capable of identifying, formulating, analyzing the problems of complex engineering in the integrated system based on analytic, computational or experimental approach
  4. Capable of creating solutions to complex engineering problems of the integrated system by putting factors like economy, health, public safety, cultural, social and environment into consideration
  5. Master the principal and planning system engineering intergrated with system approach
  6. Capable of creating integrated system in accordance to the applied technical standard, safety and environmental health while also considering performance and reliability, application convenience and continuity, and taking factors of economy, social and cultural into consideration
  7. Capable of doing research and investigate the problems of complex engineering of the integrated system using the basic of engineering principals and with the help of research, analysis, data interpretation and information synthesis to give the solution
  8. Master the science of communication techniques and the development of the latest technologies
  9. Master the latest issue and principal globally in economy, social, and ecology
  10. Capable of choosing resources and making use of the planning tools and engineering analysis based on IT and computation that is suited for doing engineering activity
  11. Capable of proper effective communication both written and spoken
  12. Understanding responsibilities and ethics of the job
  13. Capable of recognizing needs while also managing lifelong self-learning
  14. Capable of working in a team