Student Organization

Besides being provided with knowledge and skills in the field of Industrial Engineering acquired from lecture activities, students would also need softskills learning such as work ethics, personality, teamwork through students organization. Which is why Industrial Engineering provide a media for that development needs by students organization. The organizations under Industrial Engineering of Undip can be seen as follows:

A. Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri (HMTI)

HMTI is divided into 6 different fields; Scientific Reasoning and Research, Students Resources Development, Students Organization and Prosperity, Social Care, Talent and Hobbies, and Students Creativity Program. Also with 2 supporting unit which are Community Consideration Unit and Media and Information Unit. With those 6 fields and 2 units, HMTI expected to be a pride organization which can channel student talents, develop student softskills, function as a service unit, able to maintain a good relationship both internally and externally, while also doing Community Services as a part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.For more information about Industrial Engineering Students, you can visit HMTI’s website by clicking the link as follows:

B. Industrial Islamic Community

Industrial Islamic Community is a student bureau within HMTI thatmoves in the Islamic field (Rohis). IIC has an aim of enhancing iman and taqwa of muslim students from the Industrial Engineering Study.

C. Industrial Engineering Student Ecumenical Alliance (POMTI)

Industrial Engineering Student Ecumenical Alliance (POMTI) is a student bureau within HMTI. POMTI is a religious organization for Christian and Catholic students. The aim is to accommodate religious activities for Christian and Catholic students.

D. Sobat Alam

Sobat Alam is a bureau within HMTI that moves in the field of nature caring activities.